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Limelog's technological background and highly skilled team enable us to offer a complete service to all our partners. From design to optimised production and logistics, we have everything under control.

Structure Design Our projects are designed by an architect and then a structural engineer, but we also provide fabrication design and consultancy services. Our aim is to assist you in making the most important decisions throughout the process, while increasing efficiency by incorporating new technologies and optimising the production designs.
Manufacturing We optimise production and material usage with a unique, in-house developed application and algorithm. Our outstanding results are perfected with the use of hydraulic tools to reduce working time and increase efficiency.
Our Own Logistics Reliably, without outside contractors, using only our own resources. As the logistics arm of our company is primarily focused on serving our own projects, we can also alleviate the burden of fuel price changes on the customer.
Structure Construction We are a leading provider of structural engineering and building services in the construction industry. Our experienced and skilled team uses the most advanced technologies working with the elements we manufacture.
Project Management We support our partners with outstanding project management. We will guide you through every stage of the project, highlighting potential mistakes and helping you to overcome obstacles.




Szg 1 - 92.000 m2

Szg 1 - 92.000 m2

Szg 2 - 30.000 m2

Kmr1 - 15.000 m2


Hello Parks

Páty 2 45.00 m2

Fót 3 - 45.000 m2



West Gate 8000 m2



Maglód 3 - 45.000 m2

Fót 2 - 45.000 m2

Bmw - 15.000 m2

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Today, Limelog has grown into a company with outstanding technological capabilities, handling everything from the design of complex services to manufacturing and logistics. The company started out in 2010 by transporting limestone products across Eastern Europe. This activity was later replaced by construction logistics, becoming a transport partner for the manufacturers of prefabricated reinforced concrete structures. In 2016 a new chapter opened in the company's life. In response to the market needs Limelog opened its first production hall in Mezőfalva. The modernisation programme of the hall was completed in 2022, including technological and production optimisation based on an in-house developed algorithm that is a unique advantage in Hungary.

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March 22, 2022
Limelog now uses a combinatorics-based algorithm for production optimisation. This revolutionary technology allows the company to make production processes even more efficient and optimise the use of resources. The algorithm takes into account all aspects of the production process, offering the opportunity to increase productivity and reduce costs. The new system constantly monitors and analyses production data, allowing an automatic and rapid response to any errors or inefficiencies. With this approach, Limelog saves a significant amount of time and resources. Thanks to the algorithm, Limelog's teams are able to identify optimisation opportunities in production processes much faster and implement the necessary changes. This agile approach further strengthens the company's competitiveness and allows them to adapt to changing market needs with ease. Before implementing the new technology, Limelog studied and tested the algorithm in detail to ensure its efficiency and accuracy. After a successful trial run, the company immediately began implementing the new system and has since seen impressive results


March 2, 2023
In February, we installed our hydraulic tensioning template system, which allows us to produce high quality tensioned products efficiently. The new system is highly accurate and reliable, allowing us to produce our products to a high quality standard, reducing scrap and improving customer satisfaction. The introduction of the new technology has also significantly increased our production capacity. Our hydraulic tensioned stencil system allows for faster and more efficient processes, enabling us to produce larger quantities of product in less time. This not only increases our efficiency, but also allows us to adapt more easily to market demands. The introduction of our hydraulic tensioning template system was a major investment, but we can already see that it will pay off in the long term. Increased productivity and better quality products have significantly strengthened our competitiveness.


May 12, 2023
In May, we started the foundation work for our new concrete plant. From January, we will be able to serve our production plant from two concrete plants, which means a 30% increase in capacity, and we will also be able to sell ready-mixed concrete after the plant is operational.